I've always had a secret sexual fantasy ever since I saw a muscle contest for women on television, and that was to have sex with a hot female body builder, you know a babe with big muscles and a fine buff ass that would fuck me for hours? The thought of a beautiful muscle girl with a swollen clit bulging in her sweet little panties has always made my dick ache for some hard stroking release. I've seen some awesome female body builder porn online, and watching them suck and fuck the shit out of both guys and girls is always a thrill, but I needed something more, something that was REAL...

But what to do? How do you go about meeting a horny muscle chick or buff babe? Especially when you live in a small town with no "gym scene" like I do? You can't just go up to some chick working out at the WMCA and say "Hey, can I take you home?".....

It took me a bit of searching but then a friend at the place I deliver for told me something that's become my private erotic joy and passion - real muscle and female body builders phone sex! Now hold on, I know you're going to say that phone sex can be expensive, but really it's not....look man, where else can you find exactly what you're looking for and have her (or him...or them) do and say things that will make your freaking cock want to explode - at any time of the day or night? Try going out to a club and movie plus dinner these days and see if you don't end up blowing a wad of cash and MAYBE getting something for it....and try to find a muscle chick who's even into that and see how far you get!

Who needs all that bother? I'd much rather go for the sure thing and get my rocks off with somebody who's ALSO looking to enjoy the thrill of a muscle sex encounter - yep, that's right, the service I found uses only muscle and buff babes that ASK to be hooked up on the telephone with guys so they can get off together. No pro's, just REAL super-friendly and HORNY female body builders and muscle girls lonely for a good time and wanting to find a phone pal to get off with. And they LOVE to work those big clits, trust me....

And man, let me tell you, the things these ripped hotties will tell you about what they like to do with your cock (or some other chick's pussy) will make for some sizzling sexual "relief", hehe. I sometimes call two or three times a week it makes me so damn horny....and the ladies I've spoken with tell me the same thing, once they've tried the erotic sensation of getting off over the phone with a guy it just becomes something they look forward to all week! It's both intimate and highly arousing without having to leave your house or cruise those expensive gym and fitness clubs.

So, since they asked me, I'm going to share my personal favorite fitness and muscle girl phone sex service number with's a private service and relax, 'cuz no funny stuff will show up on your credit card statement (your biz stays your biz), it's all REAL buff babes and female body builders, and then only the ones that WANT to get off ALSO as they talk with a guy. You can ask them anything or have them make YOU do anything, it's AWESOME!

Here's the number -

So have some REAL fun and enjoy that female muscle or buff babe experience you've been fantasizing about!

Frankie L.

So have some REAL fun and enjoy that muscle girls experience you've been craving!



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